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The portugee economy is in the toilet, and droves of it's citizens are fleeing to neighboring Spain to work just to put food on the table! Those who don't go to Spain are swimming, or jumping on bannana boats to go to Angola or Mozambique just to sell their body for cod to feed their families. The slightly better off portugee are flying to Brasil to live in a favela that is much better than the poor, decrepid conditions they live in now; at least here they can eat.

The portugee are an ignorant bunch stuck in a mental time-warp that only focus on a national soccer team that has never won a single Euro or World Cup and "how" good things were in the distant past rather than focusing on their now deteriorated, non-existant economy, and how bad things really are today.

This is "why" they can't seem to see the log stuck in their eyes but see the splinters in everybody elses eyes. I do find it ironic that they are racist toward Spain, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil only to later go look for a better life in these countries!!


informacion do putugal?


*portugal is a shit country! DO NOT VISIT PORTUGAL! Those people are anti-Spanish and Brazilian, Mozambican and Angolan Racists!

astros 6 de novembro de 2014 às 04:18